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Partial Solar Eclipse

Keen to catch a glimpse of the Solar Eclipse this morning, the children and staff gathered in the playground with their homemade viewing devices.

The eclipse can be seen clearly on the device that Claire P6 is holding.

The excitement continued as the children returned to class to discuss and learn more about the event they had just witnessed.


Comic Relief 2015 Fund Raising

Many thanks to all the children and their families who have supported our fundraising day for Comic Relief by painting their faces funny and dressing up whilst paying money.

Totals to follow soon.

A great big THANK YOU to Caroline Smith who donated her time to the school this morning by painting staff faces and giving all the money paid to the charity, very kind and generous indeed.

Face Painting 13-3-15
Face Painting 13-3-15

Jambouree Choir

Edna Auld formed the Jambouree Choir in 2005 with 18 boys and girls of primary age. Their first engagement was to sing “Highland Cathedral” at the opening of Perth Concert Hall in the presence of HM the Queen.

There are currently 35 members ranging from 5-24 years, with members from throughout Perth and Kinross. There is no audition for the Choir and membership is entirely free to all young people thanks to Youth Music Initiative funding.

Youth Music Initiative funding of £2000 per year pays the honoraria of the vocal tutor and the assistant director. All other staff, including our director, Edna Auld, work on a voluntary basis.

Through the Concerts money is raised to support further education of talented students, and also staff development. 4 of the senior singers have recently attended the Oxenfoord international Vocal School for Singers and Accompanists together with the Vocal Tutor and Assistant Choir Director. This was all paid from funds.

Through the generosity of supporters, most of the money was raised to record the latest Jambouree CD.

There are currently a few places for boys and girls from P4 upwards, and for secondary and other students, in the tenor and bass sections. Changing voices are also welcome. Enquiries regarding possible membership can be made through the “Contact Us” page.




Benches Refurbished

A massive thank you to one of our parents, Mr Arkadiusz Nowrotek,  working with the school to organise for the Community Payback Team to assist us in refurbishing our playground benches.

Mr Paul Wilkie and his team will continue to help us refurbish playground features, including painting the stage area by the trim trail, power washing the roof of the  bike shelter and painting the picnic benches.