Rangers Back on Top

Rangers back on top 

By Damon 

Rangers are champions of Scotland once again after they had money problems, putting them into administration, and a new company had to buy the club. 

 On the 14th of February 2012 Rangers FC entered money problems and were forced down to the third division where they nearly had to start all over again.  

Rangers won the third division in the first year they were in it. 

They won the Scottish league one in 2014.  They also won the championship in 2016 to put them back to the top flight.  In 2021, they got back to the Scottish top flight. 

They had to let loads of good players leave the club because of money but some good players stayed.  

Rangers had to do a whole rebuild to the team.  They have had loads of different managers and players.   

After a long journey back to the top flight of Scottish football Rangers are back and won the SPFL. 

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