There are two bright and airy classrooms, one of which is being used for our Nursery /Pre-school class, both face south and enjoy spectacular views across the island to the sea. We have a large gym hall which is also our dinner hall, and a play park, a garden with a green house and extensive playing field. In 1984 a community room was added, and the school facilities are regularly used for island events such as the Harvest Home dinner in the October break, fireworks night and the Eday Gala Week Celebrations during the summer holidays which includes the Eday Show, a spectacular demonstration of all the talent on the island, young and old.

Children are taught in one multi-composite class, following group and individual work programmes according to ability. Each child is actively involved in planning and evaluating their own work, using a mixture of formative and summative assessment methods and local and national standards to set next steps.

Our children enjoy school, and have fun learning.

Our school has welcoming, engaging, positive atmosphere. It promotes good health and care of the environment.

Pupils, parents and staff work together in evaluation and improvement.

Our boys and girls learn about the world around them using the island as a curriculum base and learn through the ‘Interdisciplinary Approach’ where all areas of the curriculum are interlinked via an overarching topic which the children have a voice in changing and selecting.

School nurtures pupils’ self-esteem and sense of empowerment.

Pupils enjoy using their unique talents, as individuals and as a team.

We demonstrate empathy, fairness and respect. We are motivated to learn and improve, and are learning to persevere.

We are exploring our world and our environment, new ideas and new technologies.

We are learning to learn independently. We are creative in our thinking as well as in what we do.

We look for real applications for what we learn.

Parents work with pupils and staff to put these ideals into practice.

We play an active role in island life, and celebrate its successes.

Families and children alike plan their own learning through a holistic topic-based approach which alters to suit the learning opportunities afforded by questions from the children.

Our current topic is Under the Sea and Pirates – You can see some examples of our work and learning on this topic here.

We acquire attitudes not through being told what to think, but through our own experiences. We work with others to bring about change using pupil voice. We’re working towards becoming a ‘Rights Respecting School’ by looking at the United Nations Convention on Children’s Rights (UNCRC), hoping to achieve a Sports Award through our after school sports club, as well as our more senior pupils becoming Sports Leaders.