The Sanday Trip

A few weeks ago some children from Sanday school came over to our school. We spent most of our time outside because we have a tiny school and there were so many of them. We went on a walk to the top of the hill behind the school, we showed them our polycrub, we played in the playground and we also played some board games. It was really fun and I got to speak to the people I had met when me and Jack were going over to Sanday every Tuesday.


On Wednesday the 30th of August me and Jack went to Birsay for three days. There were people from Stronsay, Sanday,Westray and Papay; it was only for primary sevens and secondary one.

The event was run by Outdoor Education and we stayed at the hostel. There wasn’t enough room in the hostel so the first night the girls stayed in tents outside and the second night the boys were in tents and the girls were in the hostel. I shared a tent with Megan from Westray and Katelyn her friend, who was also from Westray.

There were some activities as well, we did some raft building, archery, a climbing wall, bush craft, group teamwork activities and orienteering. It was all great fun and I really enjoyed it.

William Shearers

On Tuesday we went to Kirkwall for swimming. We went to William Shearers to spend the fifty pound gift voucher we got from Marie Hay.

We got some lettuce, salad leaves and mustard seeds, some plant pots, some hanging baskets and some tools. The tools were some three spiked doo-dah for breaking the soil up, a hoe and a deep trowel.


This is the photo we got of us all holding what we bought and Tiberius is giving the voucher to William.

















almost finished!

Recently we put the doors up on the polycrub and have finished the beds. We have also been re potting tomatoes and herbs so soon they will be ready to put them in the beds and when we went to Kirkwall we bought some seeds, pots and tools from Shearers with our fifty pound voucher.

The nursery also have a little bit in the polycrub where they are going to plant some peas and carrots.



Lego gold digger

On Thursday the 27th of April Jack brought in his Lego gold digger and showed it to the whole of the classroom. Jack got it last Christmas it took 3 months to build it. Jack’s Dad , Jack’s brother Robbie and Jack built it. However the tracks that moves the digger didn’t work because there is to much weight in the middle. There are no normal Lego pieces involved, just Technic pieces like gearwheels, rams and tracks. Look at the video below. It would be good to hear your comments!


Snail Mini film

At After School Club we made a mini film about snails to see what they do. We used a Raspberry Pi to take pictures of them every minute for about 16 hours with the help of Malachi’s dad who showed us the code, and then he edited it for us and put all the pictures together We edited it and then it started to work.

Hannah’s Mum (Kate) let us use her snails as an experiment and because she runs after school club so we can have fun, she used to be the ranger so it was ranger club and we learnt about nature.

Tatties planted

Yesterday all the Eday school children finished digging the School garden. Meanwhile some of the people were flattening the ground and some other people were planting the different kinds of tatties are pink fir apples,Duke of York, Swift and many more kinds of tatties and by that time it was about 7 pm.

The Sheets are Up

On Thursday the sheets for the Polycrub were put on.

Barry, Adam, Mike, Lauren, Jonathan, Jeff, Mr Miller, Kate and Hamish came to help.

Adam and Hamish had to climb on the polycrub to put the sheets on, We had to put screws in the sheets to secure them then we put washers on the screws, two or three people had to carry one sheet.

We finished at half seven and stayed there until about eight but we put all the sheets on now we only have to put the ends and doors on and we can start to sort the inside.

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