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You HAVE TO see this!


NFO presentation What a brilliant presentation created by Charlie! Charlie got inspired by the news on Newsround and decided to create the presentation and share it with other pupils. To see the presentation simply click on NFO presentation. Read more

Bag the Bruck


Bag the Bruck is back in Orkney! This year the school participated in the local event, helping to clean our beautiful beach. We had some help from community members and even Pepe, the dog, was trying to help! Read more

Math Easter Hunt with Mrs Bailey!


What a fantastic maths treasure hunt that Mrs Bailey created! And lots of Easter activities during the week! Read more

Another Visit from Ria at UHI STEM Outreach


We have been lucky over the last couple of weeks to have Ria Fitzpatrick from The University of the Highlands and Islands come out to the school and teach us specific lessons focused in the S.T.E.M. areas of the curriculum. S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics. Previously Ria… Read more

Notable Numerals


Our P1 children have been reinforcing their understanding of numerals today using lego to model the forms of the numbers they selected as the most tricky for them to write the right way around. Well done P1s! Read more

Talented Authors in our midst!


We were all very exited this morning to receive a letter from Lynsey Evans at Young Writers HQ in Peterborough. She wrote to let us know that some of us had our poetry chosen to be published in the next edition of the Young Writers poetry books; ‘Once Upon a… Read more