Current S1/S2

Additional Support – Literacy and Numeracy

Read, Write, Inc Groups

Mrs Weir has been posting work for pupils to complete via Edmodo. This is a great way to continue to practise tasks to improve literacy skills.

IDL Learning

Pupils who require additional support with literacy (including those who work on Read, Write, Inc) and those who are in Mr Dorris’s, Mr Harty’s or Mrs Bergen’s maths classes have access to IDL Learning. They can use this resource daily to help improve their literacy and numeracy skills. Even as little as 15 minutes a day will help keep them up to speed. If they have forgotten their login it is:

Username:‘firstname followed by first initial of surname @ml14jp’

Password: taylor

Eg. John Smith

Username: johns@ml14jp

Password: taylor

Maths Numeracy Workout

This is a great resource to help improve pupils’ mental maths and to help with various topics across Geometry and Measure, and Statistics and Probability. It is self-correcting and pupils can work through a variety of levels from basic to more advanced. Half an hour a day gives pupils an additional way of supporting their maths skills.

Username: taylor

Password circle41

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