Homework Club

Every Tuesday and Thursday we run a Homework club for all children Primary 1 – Primary 7 during the school day at 12.30pm. This ensures that all children who would benefit from this support can access it without the pressure of being collected from an after school club.  

The purpose of homework is to:

  • provide pupils with practise in all aspects of classwork
  • enable pupils to become independent learners
  • encourage pupils to manage their time
  • foster a positive partnership between home and school
  • provide parents with an opportunity to share in their child’s learning

A homework diary is given to all P4-7 pupils.  Parents are asked to sign the diary on a weekly basis.  The diary also serves as a useful home-school link and we welcome comments from parents.

Spelling and maths are the key areas with topic research given where appropriate.  Older pupils may also be given an extended time to complete a homework task involving personal research.  Clear timescales will be given to encourage pupils to organise their time effectively.

How can you help?

  • Set aside a particular time each day for homework
  • Show an interest and look at what your child is doing
  • Provide a place that is free from distractions where homework can be done
  • Sign the work on completion

Work not finished in class may, occasionally, be sent home for completion.  If this happens on a regular basis the parents will be contacted to discuss the matter.