Loch Tay Maths Homework











Loch Tay Homework

Sorry this is late.

Here is this week’s homework.

Super spellers – enjoying, employment, destroyed, cowboy, loyal, choice, voice, noise, moist, point.

Spelling bees – put, cushion, awful, push, full, put, different, light, sentence, stop.

Maths will follow.

Parent Questionnaires and Returns

Please return the questionnaires issued by HMIE using the free post envelope provided. Note that they must be received by 28th April.

Apologies for questionnaire overload, but we would also still like the consultation on curriculum questionnaire to be returned to the school. This was issued earlier this week and helps us in our annual self-evaluation and curriculum refresh.

Pupil reports (issued on the 1st April) also had a reply form which you were invited to complete and return.

Many thanks for your continued contribution and support.

Loch Tay Homework- Week beginning 18th April

Welcome back!

Spelling Bees

gym, mystery, pyramid, cygnet, crystal, rhythm, through, sing, morning, colour, kind


Super Spellers

boy, employ, enjoy, annoy, destroy, disappointment, toilet, joined, soil, pointed




Cubes are working on halves, cones on halves and quarters. The P4s who go to the other class should know about halves, thirds, quarters, fifths and tenths. The best games for the class level are “Half/not a half”, “Half not a quarter” “Comparison to has half” and “Build a Fraction Wall”. Other games will provide challenge.