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June 17, 2016
by Mrs MacDonald

Chance and Probability

We used Play Your Cards Right to explore probability and chance.  We discussed the chances of the next card being higher or lower than the last.  This is something we could investigate further at home using playing cards.

What I liked most about this lesson was trying to guess whether the card would be higher or lower (KW).

One thing I learned is that when the chances are even, there are the same number of cards above as there are below (LR).

I was particularly interested in finding out whether I was right or wrong each time (AR).

I was surprised that we were right most of the time when we said whether we thought it would be higher or lower (HC).

The link for the game we played is here if you would like to have a go!

June 16, 2016
by Mrs MacDonald
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And My Heart Soars (Poetry 16.6.16)


We looked at a poem called, “And My Heart Soars” by Chief Dan George and had a think about the things that make our hearts soar.  We wrote our own poems and then made this class poem by choosing our favourite lines from some of our poems.


And My Heart Soars

The sound of the rain,
The bark of a dog,
The kindness of my teacher,
Speak to me.

The nibble of my hamster,
The sweetness of the strawberries,
The funniness of jokes,
Speak to me.

The terrible jokes of my Dad,
The sizzling of bacon,
The tickle of my spider,
Speak to me.

The hooves of horses,
The jumping of my friends,
The sweetness of a lollipop,
Speak to me.

The love of my family,
The singing of the birds,
The setting of the sun,
Speak to me.

And my heart soars.

Primary 5/4

June 16, 2016
by Mrs MacDonald
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Spectacular Sports Day 2016!

imageimage image image image

Yesterday it was sports day (RH).  I was very excited because I knew I was going to have fun. (HC)  The first thing we did was get our name labels with our team number on them.  (DM)  I was in team 2 and our team captains came around and collected us.  My captain was SB. (MC)  We made our way outside to our first station. My first station was the egg and spoon race.  It was EGG-cellent! (ME)

Our first activity was long jump. On my first jump I landed  between the yellow and green markers.  Then on my second jump I landed on the red. (SK)  My first activity was the bean bag throw.  I got it in between the green and yellow hoops (MS). My first activity was the shuttlecock throw.  I had to throw three shuttlecocks and I got 2 points because it was so windy (AR).

My favourite activity was scoring a goal in football because I love kicking a football.  I wasn’t very successful though, as I kicked it into the wrong goal! But at least I tried my best.  (EB)  My favourite activity was the mini sprint where we had to run around two cones as many times as we could.  This was my favourite because I really enjoy running (FN).

We moved onto the sprint race and I was really enjoying it.  It was amazing! I really enjoyed watching everyone (KW). The heats had already taken place during our outdoor PE lessons, so only the top three runners in each stage of each class were in the final.

I ran in the P5 race and I came third (NM).  I ran in the p4 race and I loved how everyone cheered me on – it really helped me to do my best (MC).  The Primary 7 race was my favourite because they all started off at the same pace and this made it very exciting and close (LR).

Sports Day was the best one ever in my whole time at Ladywell (JB) and I really enjoyed it (KN).  It was great fun (TJD) and I hope next year will be as good as this year! (HC)

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came along to support us and to Mr Colquhoun for organising such a fun morning.

May 20, 2016
by Mrs MacDonald

Week beginning 16.5.16 Review of the Week


This week in literacy we watched a video called Monkey Symphony and then wrote the story using lots of adjectives to make our stories interesting.  Click here to see the video!


We have been learning about o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  We learned that when the big hand is on the right half of the clock face, it indicates a time that is past the hour, and when it is on the left half of the clock face, it indicates a time that is to the hour.  We all need lots of practice of telling the time at home (on an analogue – not digital clock).


We started our display for The Water Cycle this week.  We are very busy with this and are excited to post a photo of the finished article as soon as we can.  Watch this space!

On Monday in our visit to Kelvingrove, we learned that when the Ancient Egyptians were mummifying a body, the heart was weighed against a feather.  If it was lighter than a feather, you had had a good life and could go to the afterlife and if it was heavier than the feather, then you had not had a good life and you were sent to the underworld instead.  We also leaned that charms were sewn into the layers of the mummy’s bandages to protect it from evil and help it make its way safely to the afterlife.  Fascinating!

May 17, 2016
by Mrs MacDonald

Kelvingrove Trip

image image

Our school trip was amazing on Monday and we showed off lots of knowledge about Ancient Egypt. We were the first school to get to see the new Gifs for the Gods exhibition. Mummified animals! #organrecital #ancientegypt #kelvingrove #schooltrip #learning #mummification #giftsforthegods #animalmummiesrevealed

May 17, 2016
by Mrs MacDonald

Pearl Izumi


Today we went out onto Douglas Street and watched part of the Pearl Izumi road race. It was so exciting! Special thanks to the friendly steward who photo bombed us! We hope the cyclists enjoyed our cheering. Some of us almost lost our voices, but it was worth it!

May 13, 2016
by Mrs MacDonald
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The sun shone on Ladywell this week!

We have participated in lots of outdoor learning this week, because the sun was shining.  Our playground is looking fabulous at the moment – our new outdoor classroom is a really exciting place to learn, and  the Caterpillar Cabin is just amazing.  We took part in a Scavenger Hunt, where we had to work together as a team and really challenge ourselves to find the most unusual thing starting with each letter of the alphabet.  It was great fun!

April 21, 2016
by Mrs MacDonald

Food and Health


As part of our Health and Wellbeing work, we investigated fish and herbs by making this delicious pan seared lightly smoked salmon fillet on a bed of parsley and thyme sweet potato mash.  It was so yummy everyone wanted seconds!

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