Ladywell Primary School P5/4 2015-16

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Week beginning 16.5.16 Review of the Week



This week in literacy we watched a video called Monkey Symphony and then wrote the story using lots of adjectives to make our stories interesting.  Click here to see the video!


We have been learning about o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  We learned that when the big hand is on the right half of the clock face, it indicates a time that is past the hour, and when it is on the left half of the clock face, it indicates a time that is to the hour.  We all need lots of practice of telling the time at home (on an analogue – not digital clock).


We started our display for The Water Cycle this week.  We are very busy with this and are excited to post a photo of the finished article as soon as we can.  Watch this space!

On Monday in our visit to Kelvingrove, we learned that when the Ancient Egyptians were mummifying a body, the heart was weighed against a feather.  If it was lighter than a feather, you had had a good life and could go to the afterlife and if it was heavier than the feather, then you had not had a good life and you were sent to the underworld instead.  We also leaned that charms were sewn into the layers of the mummy’s bandages to protect it from evil and help it make its way safely to the afterlife.  Fascinating!


  1. I had fun our school trip.I liked learning about the shartie dolls.I also liked handling all
    the egyptian artifacts.

  2. I had fun writing a story about monkey symphony . I hope you liked my monkey
    symphony story.

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