Welcome to the BGE page for our Younger Students

Broad General Education differs in each of the discrete sciences in S3. There are a number of skills which are embedded in the BGE sciences regardless of discrete subject these are:
Investigation write ups
Numeracy skills – averages, ratio, graph reading, graph drawing, table reading, table drawing, percentages.
Communication skills – carrying out practical work in groups/partners

BGE in Biology
Pupils cover the following 4 topics:
1. Biosphere – food chains, ecosystems, adaptation, sampling techniques
2. Cells and the Body – cell organelles, function of parts of the cell, heart, lungs, digestion, blood and blood vessels
3. DNA Cell Division and Reproduction – DNA, genes, chromosomes, mitosis, sex cells and fertilisation
4. Genetic Engineering and Enzymes

Pupils will be tested at the end of each topic and their results gathered and used to advise levels in S4. S3 pupils in Biology will also sit an S3 exam regardless if they are level 4 or 5 in S3.

BGE in Physics

The topics covered in S3 Physics are:

  • Waves
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Kinematics
  • Forces
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum

These topics form the building blocks of knowledge and skills required for progression to either National 4 OR National 5 in S4. Pupils are introduced to a variety of different topics that describe and explain the world around them e.g. Why do road workers wear ear defenders? or Why do the brakes on my bike slow me down?

They also learn how to improve their Problem Solving, Research and Numeracy skills all vital to success in their future studies at SQA level.