National 5

National 5
Candidates gain an understanding of physics and develop this through a variety of approaches, including practical activities, investigations and problem solving. Candidates research topics, apply scientific skills and communicate information related to their findings, which develops skills of scientific literacy.
The course content includes the following areas of physics:

In this area, the topics covered are: vectors and scalars; velocity–time graphs; acceleration; Newton’s laws; energy; projectile motion.

In this area, the topics covered are: space exploration; cosmology.

In this area, the topics covered are: electrical charge carriers; potential difference (voltage);
Ohm’s law; practical electrical and electronic circuits; electrical power.

Properties of Matter
In this area, the topics covered are: specific heat capacity; specific latent heat; gas laws and the kinetic model.

In this area, the topics covered are: wave parameters and behaviours; electromagnetic spectrum; refraction of light.

In this area, the topic covered is nuclear radiation

Recommended Entry
Entry to this course is at the discretion of
the centre.
Candidates should have achieved the fourth curriculum level or the National 4 Physics course or equivalent qualifications and/or
experience prior to starting this course. Candidates may also progress from relevant biology, chemistry, environmental
science or science courses.

other qualifications in physics or related
further study, employment or training

Conditions of award
The grade awarded is based on the total marks achieved across all course assessment components.

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