Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships

To get a job you need experience. 

To get experience you need a job!

How do you get one without the other?

One way is to do a Foundation Apprenticeship

Foundation Apprenticeships are for pupils in S5 and S6 providing work-based learning opportunities and can be chosen as one of their subject choices.

Doing a Foundation Apprenticeship means pupils will spend time away from school at college and with an employer gaining real life work experience.

The qualification is done over one or two years and is the same level as a Higher (SCQF 6).  There is no final exam as pupils are assessed throughout.

A Foundation Apprenticeship helps pupils gain real life practical work experience in one of Scotland’s 12 growth industries.

If they’re going into S5 they can do a Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy, Civil Engineering, Engineering, Food and Drink Technologies, Scientific Technologies, Social Services and Healthcare, Business Skills, Creative and Digital Media, Financial Services, Hardware and System Support, Social Services Children and Young People, and Software Development.

If they’re going into S6 the only subjects they can’t do as a Foundation Apprenticeship from the list above are Civil Engineering, Engineering and Scientific Technologies.

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