Kilsyth Academy News – 23/3/2018

Rotary Speaking competition
Congratulations to our all our young people who participated in this year’s Rotary young Speakers competition. There was a wide and varied range of topics including, The Six Nations, Wales is better than Scotland, The Refugee Crisis and Time is an Illusion.
The prize winners in the junior category were:
1st – Mark Donnelly talking about Music
2nd – Craig McFarlane talking about Global Warming
3rd – Jasmine Weir talking about morals and Fables
The prize winners in the senior category were:
1st – Amy Buck – Why I love languages
2nd – Jennifer Wright talking about why Time is an Illusion
3rd – Ayesha Chebe talking about Ghana and Scotland


K’nex Challenge
On Thursday March 22th, teams from across our cluster Primary schools took part in our annual K-Nex challenge. This year’s design brief was very challenging with pupils tasked with designing a Ferris Wheel. Banton Primary School finished as runners up to our winning team from Balmalloch Primary School.


Celebration of Success
Our “Celebration of Success” assembly takes place on Wednesday 28th March. A large number of pupils from across all year groups are being recognised for everything from reading to youth philanthropy to achievement of John Muir Trust Awards. We would like to offer our congratulations to all pupils, we are very proud of you.


Rwanda fundraiser – re-scheduled
As part of our ongoing partnership with the charity Comfort Rwanda a group of senior pupils and staff will again visit Rwanda this summer. To support this trip the group are holding their main fundraiser, a Race Night, in the school cafe on Friday 20th April from 7-10pm. Tickets are available from the school at a cost of £5 and you can get further information from Miss McKillop,
We have always had excellent support from the school and local community and the money raised will make such a difference to the people in Rwanda. At present we do not have our exact project location but it will be restoring or building homes and providing live stock for community groups.
As always raffle prizes will be graciously accepted.


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Easter School
Easter School takes place during mornings next week from Tuesday 3rd April to Thursday 5th April for pupils in S4- 6 studying for SQA exams. This is a great chance to get in some focused study with additional support from subject teachers. Pupils have been issued with the appropriate information and all pupils signed up are expected to attend.


End of term arrangements/non-uniform day
School will close for the Spring Break on Thursday 29th March at 2.30pm and re-opens again on Monday 16th April. On Thursday 29th March pupils can participate in our non-uniform day to help us raise additional funds for pupil charities and activities. The cost to dress down is £1 per pupil. Classes will continue to run as normal so it is essential that pupils continue to bring with them a bag, jotters and equipment and P.E. kit. Please note that no football colours are allowed. We wish all our pupils and families an enjoyable break.