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September 4, 2020
by Mr Struthers

Parental Drop-off and Collection

Parental Drop-off and Collection

Dear Parent/Carer,

As the weeks have progressed we have improved the arrangements for parents and carers who are transporting their children to school.

We now have a one-way system in place, designated parking bays for parents and carers, a Waiting Area for pupils, a designated crossing point for pupils and a walkway for pupils to enter the building safely. We also have several members of staff, in high visibility vests, on hand to support the smooth running of the Parental Drop-off and Collection arrangements and to ensure pupil safety.

In good weather these arrangements have worked well but as we move into the autumn and winter months, with dark mornings and afternoons and a deterioration in weather, I feel that there are improvements we could make to improve pupil safety.

From Monday the 7th September, can parents and carers please accompany their children to the Pupil Waiting Area in the morning and collect them from the Pupil waiting Area in the afternoon. When accompanying your children, please wear a face mask, unless medically exempt, and maintain social distancing, where possible. Can parents and carers please return to their cars promptly and leave the school car park immediately.

If you wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me here at school.

Thank you for your continued support, especially in these difficult and trying times.


Amanda McBain

DHT (Secondary Department)

September 2, 2020
by Mr Struthers

Inservice Day

It has been agreed the In-Service day that had originally been scheduled for 12th August will now take place on Thursday 24th September. This means pupils will finish school on Wednesday 23rd September and return to school on Tuesday 29th after the September Weekend break.

September 2, 2020
by Mr Struthers

Open letter from Jason Leitch

Dear Parent/Carer 

Please see below an Open Letter to parents from Professor Jason Leitch

Common Cold and COVID-19 Symptoms

I understand these last few months have often been challenging, particularly for parents and carers. Now that schools and nurseries have returned I am writing to provide some advice where a child or young person in your care presents with symptoms of the common cold or similar bugs during this pandemic.

Following the return of schools after a prolonged break, it is common for colds and similar viral infections to circulate. In many cases, children will be well enough to attend school and continue their learning with little or no interruption to their education. In other cases, for instance where they have quite a heavy cold, they may need to take a day or two off to recover.

This is not the case for children and young people with potential COVID-19 symptoms, they are required to self-isolate and seek a test through or by calling 0800 028 2816.

In order to ensure your children do not miss out on their education, it is important to be clear about how COVID-19 symptoms differ from those of other infections that we normally see circulating at this time of year.

COVID-19 Symptoms

It is important that all of us – including those who make up the community around a school – are vigilant for the symptoms of COVID-19 and understand what actions we should take if someone develops them, either at school or at home.

The main symptoms to be aware of are:

  • new continuous cough
  • fever/high temperature
  • loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste.

If a young person or a child in your care develops any of the above symptoms, they should self-isolate and you should book them a test as soon as possible at, or by calling 0800 028 2816.

We recommend testing only for those with a continuous cough, fever, or loss of or change in the sense of taste or smell. The UK senior clinicians continue to keep the symptoms for case definition under review and will continue to use evidence to adjust these if it becomes necessary.

It is essential that people who have COVID-19 symptoms, or who share a household with someone who has symptoms, do not attend school, nursery or other childcare settings, and must self-isolate along with all members of their household. If the test is negative, self-isolation can end for everyone. If the test is positive, Test and Protect will give you further advice.

Cold-like symptoms

If, however, your child does not have symptoms of COVID-19 but has other cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, they do not need to be tested and they and you do not need to self-isolate. Your child can go to school if fit to do so.

The Scottish Government appreciates the huge effort being made by parents, carers and school staff to ensure the risk of COVID-19 is minimised and to support children’s education.

For further advice please visit the Parent Club website or NHS Inform.

Professor Jason Leitch National Clinical Director Scottish Government

August 28, 2020
by Mr Struthers

Face Coverings

Dear Parent/Carer

Please find details below from North Lanarkshire Council regarding the update on face coverings in school and on school transport. Please be reassured that, as a school, we understand and acknowledge the needs of all of the children and young people in our school community and we will always take this into account. I would ask that if it is possible, your son/daughter can wear a mask at the times outlined below.

It would also be greatly appreciated if your son/daughter can bring their own masks to school. 

North Lanarkshire Update on face coverings use by pupils and staff

From Monday 31 August face coverings should be worn by staff and pupils when:

  • adults and young people in secondary schools (including ASN schools) are moving about the school in corridors and confined communal areas (including toilets), where physical distancing is particularly difficult to maintain;
  • children in our primary school are not required to wear a mask in school at any time
  • adults, young people and children aged 5 years and over are travelling on dedicated school transport.

We appreciate that some staff and children and young people will be unable to wear a face covering for good reasons and that position will be respected.

Staff and pupils should ensure they:

  • bring their own face coverings to school;
  • store these safely in a washable, sealable bag or container when not in use;
  • wash reusable face coverings in hot water at the end of each day; and
  • safely and hygienically dispose of disposable face coverings after use.

Please remember that a face covering can be as simple as a scarf, snood or other piece of cloth which covers the nose and mouth.

Further information on face coverings is available from the Scottish Government website:

Full face covering guidance is available on this link:

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Laura Rowe

Head Teacher

August 11, 2020
by Mr Struthers

Transport Arrangements

Please see the letter below from Mrs Rowe detailing transport drop off / pick up arrangements at the school grounds.  We understand some of you are still awaiting confirmation of buses / taxis etc and this will be done directly from the transport department rather than the school.  Thank you for your continued patience over this matter.


Dear Transport provider or Parent/Carer 

Firstly, thank you for your ongoing commitment to the children and young people of Glencryan School. The consistent people driving and escorting our children to and from school has such a positive impact on so many children.

As we return to school there has been the opportunity to reflect on our practice and plan for our return. There will have been hygiene procedures shared with you from North Lanarkshire Council in terms of your responsibilities collecting children from their home and traveling with children. When you arrive at Glencryan School, please can you help us to keep everyone as safe as possible by following these updates to practice:

1: A reminder that in the school grounds the speed limit is 5mph. The car park is unusually designed and with our increasing school roll there are more vehicles coming and going. Please be patient and considerate of one another.

2: The car park will have three zoned areas which will be highlighted with external signage.

Zone 1 (yellow) – Bus parking area

Zone 2 (blue) – Parent/Carer parking area

Zone 3 (red) – Taxi parking area

3: All pupils will leave enter and leave the school through a designated door

Door 1 (yellow) – entrance/exit for Primary pupils transported by bus and parent/carer

Door 2 (blue) – entrance/exit for Secondary/LSU pupils transported by bus and parent/carer

Door 3 (red) – entrance/exit for all pupils transported by taxi

4: Please aim to be at school as close to 9am as possible and no earlier than 8:50am. With updated hygiene and physical distancing procedures linked to COVID-19 recovery, children and those escorting them will be asked to stay in their cars until a member of staff collects the child. Staff will be wearing hi-vis tops so that they are easily identifiable. Only adults working in the school will be able to come into school unless there has been a specific arrangement.

5: Please do not come into the school grounds until either 2:50pm (Primary) or 3.20pm (Secondary) at the earliest unless there has been a specific arrangement. Vehicles arriving can be a signifier for our children that it is time to go home and can interrupt precious learning time.

6: I have attached below a plan of the school with the zones and doors marked.

As pupils and staff will be walking around areas and zones of the car park, the health and safety of everyone is vital. Please be very cautious and vigilant to ensure the safety of everyone.

If you have any questions regarding these points, please contact the school.

Yours sincerely,

Laura Rowe 

Head Teacher

Glencryan School




August 7, 2020
by Mr Struthers

August 4, 2020
by Mr Struthers

Return to School

Please follow the link below to see the information for parents which the council has published today.  You will see that they will update this information with more specific details over the next few days so please keep checking back for the latest news as this will be the most up to date source.  We are working with transport at present and hopefully they will have more information regarding that within the next few days now they  know when the pupils are returning.

June 23, 2020
by Mr Struthers

Letter from Gerard McLaughlin

Today’s announcement from the Scottish Government outlines the plan to reopen all schools on a full time basis from August.

We are currently considering the practicalities and implications of this announcement and will await further clarification and guidance from government, particularly in relation to public health and scientific advice.

Our priority is the safety of our pupils and staff across our network of primary, secondary and ASN schools, as well as our early learning and childcare settings.

We understand that you will have questions, and as this news was only announced today, we will make further information available on how this impacts on our schools and facilities in the coming days.

We are preparing for pupils to return full-time to school on 12 August and we will be working closely with our schools and partners, including our early years and childcare provision to establish our plans, which we will communicate as soon as we are in a position to.

Gerard McLaughlin
Head of Education (North)

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