Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C Creaney HT

  •  Overall leadership, management  & strategic direction
  •  Overall responsibility for continuous school improvement
  •  Management of school budget
  • Raising attainment
  • Advisor to Parent Council

Mr G Scott S1

  •  Learning and Teaching
  •  Health & Safety
  •  Faculty link for Heart & Humanities
  •  Responsibility for S1 year group

Mrs R Mills DHT S2

  •  Overall leadership of Pupil Support
  •  Child Protection & Safeguarding
  •  Faculty link for Pupil Support & PEPA
  •  Responsibility for S2 year group

Mr C MacKay (Acting) DHT S3

  •  Faculty link for English, Languages & PEF
  •  Pupil Equity
  •  Positive Destinations Lead
  •  Responsibility for S3 year group

Mr G Cowie DHT S4

  •  SQA Co-ordinator
  •  Digital Learning
  •  Faculty link for Science
  •  Responsibility for S4 year group

Mrs F MacMillan DHT S5/6

  •  School Timetable
  •  Faculty link for Maths & BEIT
  •  Staffing
  •  Responsibility for S5/6 year group