Aims of the Pupil Parliament:


· Actively encourage the rights of all pupils to be involved in decisions that affect            them and their education.


· Promote equality through UNICEF Articles for the Child.


· Recognise every young person as an equal partner in their school.


· Provide a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and represent the    voices of their peers.


· Promote Clyde Valley High Schools Vision of being a caring community, where              everyone is valued, healthy, happy and succeeds together.


· Provide leadership and development opportunities for pupils.


· Cultivate individual and group identities within the school.


· Preserve our school environment, and to hold it in trust for future generations.


· To challenge poverty and discrimination throughout the school.


· To protect freedom of thought, conscience, and assembly; and to encourage                discourse.


Structure of Pupil parliament:


· Executive: Head Teacher & School Captains.


· Legislature: Pupil Voice Committees: pupils will be free to join any committee.


· Cabinet: 3 members elected from each committee will meet with the executive.



Pupil Parliament: Pupil Voice Committees


· Equalities


· Health and Wellbeing




· Rights Respecting Schools


· Sustainability