School Meals Information

Dear Parents and Carers,
School Meals Offer
Clyde Valley High offers a range of fresh, nutritious meals daily in the school canteen. Our canteen
provides a quick way for young people to have their lunch in a clean and safe environment. We offer
a choice of meals which can be pre-ordered and paid for using the Fusion App – details are below.
We are encouraging all parents to check to see if they are eligible to apply for Free School Meals
and Clothing Grant (£160). When you apply and are successful the school also receives additional
funding which benefits all young people across the school so applying is a great help to us all. Free
school meals money does not need to be used exclusively for lunch, it can be used before school or
at interval for snacks etc.

Free meal entitlement update/changes of prices
The Scottish Government has written off all outstanding school meal debts so all accounts that were
sitting in a negative balance will be returned to zero after the Easter holidays.
From April 2024, all pupils must have sufficient funds in their account either through online payment
or as a cash top-up to the school. Where funds go into debt of £20 or more reminders will be sent out
from the school to parents/carers to remind them to top up their accounts.
Costs of a school meal 2024/25:
• Secondary: £3.30
To sign up to online payments, please visit: