Computing Science

Welcome to Computing Science

Here I have laid out how the Computing courses work when we are in school, along with rough timelines.

Each unit has teaching resources available from the MSTeams class.

To access an MSTeams class you need to create an account and then access classes using codes given to you in the school’s blog.

The class code for N4/5 Computing is            8ez3gey

The S3/4 course is split into 4 main units:-

1)         Web Design & Development                          S3        Aug – Nov

2)         Database Design & Development              S3        Nov – April

3)         Programming                                                       S3/4     April – November

4)         Systems                                                                  S4        Jan – March

The class code for Higher Computing is         dk131i0

The Higher course is split into 4 main units:-

1)         Programming                                                  Aug – Oct

2)         Database Design & Development        Oct – Dec

3)         Web Design & Development                   Jan – March

4)         Systems                                                             March – May

In the MSTeams classes you will find resources that you can work through at your own pace. Don’t worry about the timeline above, have a look at the units which interest you and have a go at the tasks. Some tasks require software on your computer. If you cannot install the software on your computer, don’t worry about it. You can still look though the booklets to give you an idea of what you’ll be asked to do in the class.

Through either MSTeams and the SQA web site pupils have access to the following resources to help them study:

  • Theory notes for all units
  • Homework questions to support learning, based on past paper questions
  • Past papers and marking schemes – (available from SQA website)
  • Websites for assistance with your studies

Here are a few links to assist you with your home studies:- – to assist with all aspects of the N5 & H courses. – to assist with • HTML, • CSS, • JavaScript, • SQL – to assist with • HTML, • CSS, • JavaScript, • SQL – to download SQA past papers and marking schemes – to assist with all aspects of the N5 course.             username:-   ges3nat5             password:-   bird70pear – to assist with Higher Computing Science revision.

Please make sure you use them with the theory notes published in the Edmodo classes you should be a member of.

Remember if you have any issues whatsoever email me:-


  • Please keep logging into the MSTeams classes to ensure you have all the up to date materials and advice.
  • Also please don’t hesitate to contact your teacher if you require any assistance via MSTeams or email.
  • Good luck and stay safe