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February 8, 2017
by Mr Colquhoun

P6 Fruit Kebabs

Last week P6 took part in a terrific lesson from the ‘Food and Health’ programme of study.

Every pupil prepared, created and tasted a lovely fruit kebab! One pupil was so hungry she even ate 8 kebabs! Thank goodness they were fruit and not meat kebabs.


Here are some images of the cutting, skewering and preparing that went on.

photo-01  Rachel our resident melon cutter!

photo-13 photo-11 photo-12 photo-16 photo-05 photo-15


Great fun had by all. I must say also, the papaya was out of this world. Very yummy.

Great food handling P6, remember for next time- stay clean, stay safe and try to taste as much as you can. New tastes expand our food horizons!

photo-11 photo-12 photo-13 photo-06 photo-08 photo-09 photo-04 photo-10 photo photo-01 photo-02 photo-03

Everyone was well behaved, careful and attentive. What an awesome class you are P6.

Mr Colquhoun

February 8, 2017
by Mr Colquhoun

P1b ICT February

P1b are working hard to use Smart Notebook software.

Here is a lovely set of photos to show how hard P1b are working in ICT.


As you can see, Evan loves to use the Smartboard to create shapes!




Zoe and Sophia worked especially hard so they were allowed to use magic pens, to write their names.

Well done P1b!

January 30, 2017
by Mr Colquhoun
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P5 Line Graphs

Primary 5 created some great line graphs using Microsoft Excel. Every pupil entered information into a spreadsheet, they were then taught how to select the information, and convert the data into a line graph using some of the tools within Microsoft Excel.

Thankfully most pupils realised that the information entered must show a ‘trend’ in order for the line graph tool to work properly.

Have a look at some of the results and see what you think.

My advice P5, would be to ALWAYS remember capital letters at titles. I’m sure Miss Clemente tells you to remember this specific aspect of literacy all the time.





img_0691This particular graph shows two different sets of results!

Very clever!

img_0690 img_0690-01

As you can see from these images of the laptop screens, the P5 pupils really worked hard to create line graphs from the information they entered into the spreadsheets.

Keep working hard P5.

Mr Colquhoun


January 24, 2017
by Mr Colquhoun
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P7b Eco Project- January

Have a wee look at the fantastic work the P7 pupils did on their big ‘Outdoor Art Boards’. The class brought in old clothes, they moved all the materials themselves and they were not afraid to get their hands dirty. (Or in some girls’ case, they weren’t afraid to get their hair dirty!)


The pupils have begun the process of painting and creating display boards for our playground, this is the first time in about 20 years that pupils will have created any form of Outdoor Art for the school grounds. I am exceptionally proud of everyone’s effort. Everyone worked well as a team (even though one group hit a couple of bumps in the road along the way!!)


Here are some great images of the hard work.

photo-06    photo-04

photo-04  photo-02

These are particularly good pictures to show how chuffed the girls were with their efforts!

photo-01  photo-05

Well done P7. I genuinely cannot wait for next week! The playground is going to look awesome.

Mr Colquhoun


December 20, 2016
by Mr Colquhoun

P7a using Microsoft Excel

img_0379 img_0378 img_0378 img_0379

These are great images of a lesson involving Microsoft Excel. P7 pretended that they all ran some form of business. Some chose washing cars, selling food etc.


Every pupil was able to create a spreadsheet documenting the business’ takings for one working week. The children were also able to use an addition formula to put totals in one of the cells! Well done P7. I am very proud of your efforts.

Mr Colquhoun

November 18, 2016
by Mr Colquhoun

P7b Eco Project- November the 4th

Primary Seven began cleaning up the Wildlife Garden today. This is the very beginning of an Eco Project intended to improve and develop the school grounds.

I had the help of a great P7 photographer to document the ‘de-weeding’!

photo-05 photo-06 photo-07 photo-08 photo-09 photo-02 photo-03 photo-04 photo photo-05 photo-06

Some great images here pf P7 pupils getting their hands dirty in the wildlife garden.

Mr Colquhoun

November 9, 2016
by Mr Colquhoun

P1b P.E

Primary 1 took part in relay races today. Everyone was put in random teams, leaders were selected for their excellent behaviour and effort.


Outdoor P.E is a terrific opportunity to get out into the fresh air and get some exercise. I am very impressed with everyone’s ability to follow instructions and run in a competitive race today.


Here are some images of the boys and girls preparing to race, and a good photo of some pupils’ sprint to the finish.

img_0673 img_0672 img_0674 img_0671 img_0675 img_0670

We had a blue team, a white team, a yellow team and a red team.

Every pupil knew the colour they were supposed to stand next to. They also knew the order of runners! Well done P1b. I am very proud.

Mr Colquhoun

October 31, 2016
by Mr Colquhoun

P6 Outdoor P.E

P6 have been participating in ‘Drill Training’ athletics lessons.

The pupils have been exercising various muscle groups at stations across the whole of the school grounds.

I was most impressed with the height some of the girls could get up to during skipping!

Every pupils developed their fitness and strengthened their legs, arms and core muscles.

img_0028 img_0025 img_0034 img_0031 img_0025-01

Well done P6! Keep burning those calories and strengthen those muscles!

October 31, 2016
by Mr Colquhoun

P6 Fireworks Safety Posters

P6 engaged very well during a Health and Wellbeing lesson on Thursday the 26th of October.

Every pupil took part in class research to find out about government advertising campaigns to encourage safe use of fireworks. The posters we looked at online contained some hard hitting images and slogans.

The test of the pupils’ understanding was to see if they could create their own fireworks safety poster.

Have a look at the images below and see what you think about the P6 work.

The drawings and slogans are quite impressive.

img_0007 img_0012 img_0011 img_0015 img_0022 img_0006 img_0018 img_0016 img_0021


Some very thought provoking ideas and messages displayed there. Well done P6.

October 26, 2016
by Mr Colquhoun

P7a learning to use ‘Symmetry Drawing Software’.

P7a participated exceptionally well in an ICT lesson this morning. Every pupil was able to create digital artwork using two free, online symmetry drawing tools.

To try the software out for yourself, just pop this info into Google- ‘free online symmetry drawing tool’.

The class grasped the operating system capabilities very quickly. Everyone used rotational symmetry to create some stunning effects. I hope this lesson inspired people to create artwork online and share it with  their friends and family!

Great fun learning in ICT. Here are some images of the completed artwork:

photo photo-08 photo-07 photo photo-02 photo-09 photo-02 photo-01 photo-06 photo-05 photo-11 photo-10 photo-12 photo-03 photo-04


I’m sure you will agree, P7a know their way around the software!

Well done P7a. Great effort all morning. (Sorry I forgot to take photos during P.E!)

Mr Colquhoun

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