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Health Week, Friday – Virtual Sports Day


Health Week, Friday – Virtual Sports Day

The whole school are dong a Virtual Sports Day today, Friday 12th June, so let’s all take part.

See the source image

Try your best to do each one of these activities then get your Mummy or Daddy to put your score in the comments section by clicking on the comments link (red writing) on the left of this post.

I wonder which group will get the most points:

Butterflies  See the source imageGrasshoppers See the source image    Ladybirds   See the source image


I hope the weather is nice so you can have your sports day in your garden, Good Luck everyone!



See the source image

Draw a hopscotch pattern. Do 3 hops, 1 scotch, a hop and a scotch and then turn (in 7,8) to come back. This is counted as one point. You can do this without drawing the hopscotch pattern by just doing the actions…3 hops, 1 wide jump, 1 hop, 1 wide jump, turn wide, then 1 hop, 1 wide jump, 3 hops and turn.

Target Rolling

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You will need 3 large 1 or 2 litre bottles with maybe a little water to keep them stable and a small ball or toilet roll. Measure a course 5 of your own large Strides. Place the bucket at the end. Throw or roll your ball to knock the bottles over. Time how long it takes to knock over all the 3. You can have an adult send the ball back each time to help you.

Tattie and Spoon

See the source image

You will need a spoon and a small potato. Measure out a course 10 large strides long. Use your own strides. Count how many times you go up and back to the start. If you drop the potato pick it up and continue.

Sock Throw

See the source image

Using 5 pairs of socks or small bean bags measure out a course 5 of your strides long and place a bucket or container. Throw all 5 pairs and count how many get into the bucket. After your 5 attempts collect all your paired socks. Continue by throwing your 5 pairs again as above. Count how many pairs of socks land in the bucket within one minute. (60 seconds)

Wall push/Press up

See the source image

You may choose between a full push up on the floor or a press up using the wall. Whichever you do remember to keep your body really strong and straight by pulling in your stomach muscles. Start with straight arms and slowly bend you elbows only. Go to about half way and then push yours arms straight.

Count how many press ups you can do in one minute. (60secs)

Speed Bounce

See the source image

You will need either a broom handle, a long cushion or pillow, a skipping rope, some shoes or something you can jump over. Start on one side and jump over and backwards. Count one for every jump. Count how many jumps you can do in one minute. (60 secs)

Be careful to make sure you jump high over the item.

Cushion Head Balance

See the source image

You will need a bean bag or a small cushion. Measure a course 10 of your own large strides long. Start at one end with the cushion on your head and walk up and back to the start. Count this as one. Count how many times you go up and back in one minute.

If the cushion falls off put it back on and continue.

Jumping Jax

See the source image

Count how many Jumping Jax you can do in one minute.

Wellie Wanging

See the source image

You will need a wellie or a large old shoe. Holding the wellie in one or two hands throw the wellie as far as you can.

Measure the distance using your large strides.

The History of Welly Wanging!

Wellie (or Welly) Wanging is a sport where contestants toss a Wellington boot as far as possible within the border from the starting line. This unusual sport became popular in Upperthong, Holmfirth in Britain as a form of distraction for villagers. They lived in a rural village where they needed to create different and imaginative games to while away the time. Welly throwing, also known as welly hoying, welly wanging and boot throwing, is a sport in which competitors are required to throw a Wellington boot as far as possible. There are four standard techniques for Welling Wanging – one handed (most common, using a single hand to toss the wellie), double handed (used with a large-sized wellie with both hands), between the legs (used by beginners, throws the wellie from between the legs while facing towards the target) and backward throw (throws the wellie over the head while facing away from the target). Choose your own Welly Wanging style!

Family Fun

Obstacle Course

See the source image

Design an obstacle course either in your garden or in your house.

Use as many different mini activities as you can. You can include things like skipping, speed bounce, jumping or hopping on, over or under pieces of furniture and any of the activities we have been doing over the term such as yoga balances, skipping or jumping foot patterns or even some ball skills.

Either make a short video of you completing the obstacle course and put it on twitter or email it to Miss Copeland or draw a design of your obstacle course with labels for each of the activities and arrows to show the directions.

If you can time yourself and some of your family members completing the course too.

Have lots of fun but please be careful and ask a parent or older family member to help.

Post Your Results

Post your results by clicking on the comments link in the left.

Let’s see which group gets the most points:

Butterflies See the source image          Grasshoppers See the source image           Ladybirds   See the source image

If you want Miss Copeland to share any photos of you doing your sports day just email them to:


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