Dynamic Earth Visit

Written by Savannah Montgomery

Yesterday was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining bright. Room 10 were excited to be going to Dynamic earth with Miss Hosie, Millie’s mum and Husna’s sister. It took a long time to get there because we were travelling on a bus to Edinburgh. We were going there to find out more about the rainforests.

When we arrived, we had a tour of all the galleries. First, we went into the time machine. The tour guide told us to look at the walls. We travelled back in time to when the world began. I saw lots and lots of little stars. When we arrived in the space room we watched a clip about space. At the end of the clip we heard and saw the biggest bang of our lives! We got a real fright and everyone screamed.

Then we went into the volcano room, it had a model of a volcano. We also watched a video about how a volcano is made. Next we went into the animal room .We all saw a scorpion. There was something very funny – it was a model of a naked man holding a book. Then we went into the Arctic room and watched a video clip. Then we went into the Arctic Zone. In there we saw a massive block of ice. It was very chilly in there. Next we arrived in a room where we were told that we were going on a flight. When we got on the plane we were given glasses. I had to take my own off when I saw the scorpion! The last room we saw was the rainforest. There were spiders, a giant lizard, a bright bird and a monkey. We all saw a tropical rain shower and a river – the water was real!

After lunch we all went to the rainforest workshop .On the screen, Laura showed us a map of the world. On the map there were lots of red bits. They were the rainforests. Ellie told Laura about the emergent layer and Jay told her about the canopy, understory and ground layer. Room 10 learned that Orangutans are ENDANGERED SPECIES! We all played a game called debate – okay or not okay. We all learned about deforestation. Finally we played 1 more game, called which bug is your bug. We all had clues and we had to find the bug to match the clues. It was really good fun and we all found the right bug.

We all need to protect animals. Animals have lives too .I feel so sorry for animals who are losing their homes. My favourite part of the trip was being in the Rainforest. I would recommend Dynamic Earth to Bumble Bee nursery, because they are working on space.