Parent Council

     Parent Council Lockhart Campus:

  • Chairperson – Natasha Howard
  • Vice Chair – Ashley McConnell
  • Secretary – Clare Hume
  • Vice Secretary – Lyndsey Jeffers
  • Treasurer – Mark Fisher

Lockhart Family Learning Team

Laura Landon (Senior Family Learning Worker) co-ordinates events for our families in Lockhart Campus.

The Family Learning Team work in partnership with schools across North Ayrshire to provide opportunities for family learning.  We have developed this site, using information from the partners we work with, to provide ideas and links that we believe support fun learning at home.  Our team organise and deliver workshops in schools throughout the year and in the community during school holidays.  If there are any particular areas of the curriculum families are interested in, they can contact family learning worker or speak to a child’s head teacher (family of child).  We are also happy to work with individual families, from a one off meeting to supporting families over a few sessions.

07973 719502



Parentzone Scotland is a unique website for parents and carers in Scotland, from early years to beyond school.  The website provides up-to-date information about learning in Scotland, and practical advice and ideas to support children’s learning at home in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and science.

Information is also available on Parentzone Scotland regarding additional support needs, how parents can get involved in their child’s school and education.  Furthermore, the website has details about schools including performance data for school leavers from S4-S6; and links to the national, and local authority and school level data on the achievement of Curriculum for Excellence levels. Parentzone Scotland can be accessed at:


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This page is for sharing of information and is managed by the admin from the Parent Council.  Questions or requests will no longer be responded to by Staff of Lockhart.  We would encourage you to contact the school directly for this.  Please phone or email and we will be able to help!