Homework Help


Parents have a very important role in helping their children to get the best out of school and it is important that they take an active interest in their child’s progress at school. This can be done by:

• Encouraging hard work and high standards at all times
• Stressing the importance and relevance of what is learned at school
• Supporting the school’s policy on homework and discipline

The type of homework will vary depending on the age and ability of individual pupils. Reading commonly forms part of the homework set and will be specified by the teacher on a reading marker. Parents are encouraged not only to read with their child but also to discuss the story and pictures.

In the early and middle stages oral reading should be practiced regularly at home whereas in the upper primary, where children are competent in the mechanics of reading, a greater emphasis may be placed on silent reading and comprehension. Reading for enjoyment should be encouraged at all stages.

Spelling is also an important part of homework from P3 onwards (although some children may be asked to practice even earlier). Maths homework will be given to consolidate understanding and proficiency at all stages of the school.

From time to time pupils are given assignments and Personal Projects which may involve research, investigation, preparing a speech, learning a poem or a similar activity.

We really appreciate the involvement of parents and are very grateful to those parents who so faithfully sign reading markers and jotters to confirm that they have overseen each piece of work.