School Dress Code

It is the policy of North Ayrshire Council to support the introduction of a reasonable and flexible dress code in schools in its area. The Council encourages each school to adopt its own code, after consultation with parents and pupils.

The Council believes that establishing a school dress code has many benefits. These include improvements in safety, security, positive behaviour and community spirit and a decrease in bullying and in expense for parents.

The Council will support schools in encouraging and helping pupils to conform to the chosen dress code. Some types of clothing will not be allowed at school in any circumstances, for reasons of safety, decency or wellbeing.
Types of clothing which will not be allowed include:

• Clothes which are a health or safety risk
• Clothes which may damage the school building
• Clothes which may provoke other pupils
• Clothes which are offensive or indecent
• Clothes which encourage the use of alcohol or tobacco

All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the child’s name in case of loss. It is appreciated that parents and pupils are distressed over the occasional loss of pupils’ clothing and/or personal belongings. Parents are asked to assist in this area by ensuring that valuable items of clothing or personal belongings are not brought to school.