Dalry Primary School PTA is a committee of parents/carers and teachers, working collaboratively to improve the learning experience of our pupils.

Mainly, our role is a fundraising and social one. Each year, we organise and run Hallowe’en, Christmas and Spring Discos for the pupils. We run raffles at our Christmas and Summer school shows and also hold a fundraiser every year for the parents and wider school community. These events are not only great fun but they also provide much needed money for extra-curricular activities, which make learning more interesting for our children. In recent years, we have donated money that has paid for all-weather clothing, additional staging in the gym hall, benches in the playground, football strips for the school team and buses to external events.

In addition to this, we also make regular donations every year – paying for the P7 hoodies and end of year disco at Dalgarven, as well as making contributions to the class Christmas parties, the homework diaries and the staff providing childcare at the Parents Night crèche.

Being part of the PTA is an honour and there is a definite ‘feel-good factor’ to knowing that our efforts really do make a difference for our children. We generally meet once a term and are always looking for new people to get involved, and for fresh ideas. Our meetings are open to any parents/carers/teachers involved with the school and it’s a great way to forge strong links between home and school.

Current members of our committee are:

Lena McMillan (Chair)

Fiona Johnstone (Secretary)

Liz Shanks (Treasurer)

Laura Bain,  Carolyn Doull,  Gillian Duffy,  Jen Gilbert,  Jennifer Gilbert,  Heather Grossart,  Susan Knight,  Rosemary Lindsay,  Fiona MacFarlane,  Lorna Moran and Catriona Varini.