Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) is an approach from the Scottish Government that sets out how schools and other services should work with children and their families. GIRFEC is all about ensuring that children get the help they need when they need it – the right help at the right time. For you and your child, GIRFEC means that you are the expert on your child and what you think matters. Getting it right for every child means that the School will always seek to involve you, to listen to your opinions and take them seriously.

Taking a ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ approach to supporting every child is a priority within our school and we aim to assist every child in our school to reach their potential in each of the areas listed below;

  • Healthy – Experiencing the highest standards of physical and mental health, and supported to make healthy safe choices.
  • Achieving – Receiving support and guidance in their learning
  • Nurtured – Having a nurturing and stimulating place to learn
  • Active – Offering opportunities to take part in a wide range of activities
  • Respected – To be given a voice and involved in the decisions that affect their well-being
  • Responsible – Taking an active role within the school
  • Included – Receiving help and guidance to overcome social, educational, physical and economic inequalities; accepted as full members of the communities in which they live and learn
  • And above all, to be SAFE … protected from abuse, neglect or harm

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Article 29: I have the right to an education which develops my personality, respect for others’ rights and the environment