Our School

School Vision, Values & Aims

At Caledonia Primary School, our Values, Visions and Aims are at the heart of everything we do. From everyday classroom teaching and learning to our extra-curricular activities.

Staff, parents and children have been involved in tailoring our Values, Vision and Aims to ensure they reflect the high quality and life-long learning experiences we wish to provide for our school community.


We as a school community are working together to promote a safe, secure and nurturing environment where all pupils experience challenge and high quality learning.








To nurture enquiry learning and independent thinking to challenge all learners.


To enable our children to become ambitious, resilient and motivated lifelong learners with a passion to succeed.


To work collaboratively within our school community to encourage responsibility, trust and respect.


To encourage a sense of wellbeing which promotes a healthy mind and active lifestyle.


What makes us unique? 

Two schools were amalgamated in 1996, Argyle and Kyleshill Primary. This gives Caledonia a wide community to engage with. The diversity of staff, parents and pupils create a hardworking, nurturing, positive ethos. The open plan school is supported with an Early Years class and sits within a large outdoor area. The main employers within the area are in hospitality, care and call centres. Caledonia Primary is an area of deprivation – 61.3% of our children are in SIMD 1 and 2. Resilience, Trust, Responsibility, Respect and Challenge are values that are embedded within the school.

The curriculum is unique in that it reflects the creativity and life-long learning skills required for employment through a progressive Interdisciplinary learning approach. The curriculum focuses on the child as learner, and allows breadth and depth of learning, offering challenge and enjoyment, personalisation and choice. With progression through levels being closely monitored and tracked to ensure the opportunity of attainment at the highest level.

Caledonia is proud of its strong international partnerships in Malawi and with our wide range of agencies. We endeavour to build up our partnerships with local businesses and local academies/colleges/universities to ensure our children reach a positive destination.