Values, Vision and Aims

Vision, Values and Aims

At Hythehill Primary School and Nursery our vision and values underpin the culture within our school.

Vision: We aim to inspire, include and improve educational experiences for all of our pupils and we promote “High hopes, Health and Happiness at Hythehill” in all.


HIGH HOPES means: Having HEALTH means: Being HAPPY means:
  • thinking that you will be able to achieve anything
  • always looking on the bright side
  • being willing to tackle a challenge
  • having ambition
  • not giving up
  • working hard
  • being determined and having goals
  • being positive
  • thinking of a bright future
  • helping others to achieve
  • aiming high
  • believing in yourself
  • not worrying, being happy
  • having an active life
  • eating healthy food
  • being healthy inside and outside
  • drinking lots of water
  • engaging in Sport
  • exercising
  • developing social skills through physical activity, team building and positive behaviour



  • smiling
  • playing well together
  • being friends
  • learning
  • playing well outside
  • helping others
  • giggling and laughing
  • playing fairly
  • being treated kindly
  • taking responsibility
  • getting a sticker for lovely work
  • making things in the sticky corner
  • winning a prize / SCOPE
  • joining in circle time



Values: The school community have recently reviewed the Values of the school, ensuring these are aligned with the UNICEF’s Rights Respecting School Award.

Promoting the Values – Our whole school and individual classroom charters agreed by children and adults reflect the whole school values.

An inter-class competition operates in the school on a monthly basis. The initials indicate its purpose:









Each month the school celebrates SHINE assembles so that class teachers can report on progress against their 3 class SHINE targets.  The winning class is treated to a  reward and individual winners from each class are presented with a certificate.

Children coming into P7 are given a booklet about ‘Being a Senior Pupil in Hythehill’ and they are all encouraged to apply for the post of House or Vice Captain. Following the completion of application forms, the house members listen to presentations before electing their own House Captains.

Together with our School Aims we encourage children to reach their potential and become Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners, Confident Individuals and Effective Contributors.


Successful Learners Confident Individuals
·         Plan a structured and balanced ‘Curriculum for Excellence’.

·         Varied teaching methods and activities. E.g. ‘active learning’.

·         Encourage pupil responsibility for self/peer assessment and target setting.

·         Monitor progress, record achievement and attainment to ensure each child reaches their potential.

·         Identify the emotional, physical and social needs of pupils and help them develop positive attitudes, personal and social skills.

·         Provide appropriate support for children with additional needs.

·         Celebrating success in the classroom,  the school and in ‘out of school’ life.

·         Encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.

·         Create within the school a warm, caring and supportive atmosphere in which children, staff and parents feel secure and valued.

Responsible Citizens Effective Contributors
·         Encourage children to enrich the school and its community by acting responsibly and by valuing the unique culture and traditions of its past.

·         Ensure that individual differences of race, culture and belief will be respected and celebrated as an enriching factor in the school community. Equal opportunities will exist for all.

·         Enable children to take part in decision making in the school through the pupil council and class circle time activities.

·         Promote attitudes of enterprise and self-reliance.

·         Encourage pupils to work on their own, and in teams to apply their thinking skills, to create and develop ideas, and to solve problems.


School Aims:


  1. To encourage every child to develop appropriate life skills and positive attitudes to learning in order to attain their highest potential.
  2. To deliver a high quality curriculum providing breadth, depth, progression, coherence, relevance, challenge and enjoyment, personalisation and choice in accordance with national guidance.
  3. To promote good relationships within the school community and to maintain a happy, purposeful and caring environment based on a sensible code of self and group discipline.
  4. To encourage parents to take a positive and supportive role in the education of their child through the development of mutual respect and partnership with the school.
  5. To encourage pupils to play an active part in the local community and to involve the community in the life of the school.
  6. To provide a welcoming school environment that is well resourced and efficiently managed
  7. To continually review policy and practice to maintain the highest standards within the school.



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