About our School

Our Vision

Applegrove is an inclusive, nurturing school where everyone grows and learns together.


Our Values are principles, which drive our positive relationships at Applegrove. We reflect on these during weekly assemblies and celebrate our achievements with these values through our Apple Achievement Award assemblies. These values help to influence our actions and attitudes. We asked some Primary 7 pupils what the different values mean to them –


Curriculum Rationale

We are in the process of refreshing our Curriculum Rationale at Applegrove Primary. Our staff team are working hard to collate views from all partners to our school community to ensure that our curriculum is relevant, progressive and exciting for our learners. Our rationale provides a context for what we teach at Applegrove and why we teach it.

“Everything we learn today prepares us for tomorrow.”

Every child in Applegrove is an important person with particular interests and needs. To ensure that the school is a happy, secure and successful place for our children we need the support, understanding and interest of parents. The purpose of this school handbook is to give an overview of the school and the education it seeks to provide.

Parents/Carers were invited to a launch of our new Curriculum Rationale led by the Pupil Council in October 2023. Please see a visual which is readily accessible at the front entrance to our school.