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Book Week Scotland

Exciting announcement!

The Bookbug bags and Read, Write Count bags for P1-3 arrived in school filled with beautiful story books and activities.  These have been created to inspire a lifelong love of reading, writing and counting.  Your child has been completing a range of fun and creative activities using the story books in school to celebrate Book Week Scotland.  Today your child will take home their special bag to share with you.  We have selected some activities that you can try at home so your child can continue to enjoy the story books.  Please click on the image to access the ThingLink full of fun activities.

P1B and P1D Bookbug Bag

P2H, P2K and P2 from P2/3/4Y Read, Write Count Bag

P3W, P3/4Wh and P2/3/4Y Read, Write Count Bag

If you have any questions, please contact the school.