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World book day

For World Book Day some people dressed up as their favourite character from one of their favourite books. There were some amazing outfits! I dressed up as a dog called Holly from The Door Step Puppy. It was really fun dressing up and we had a World Book Day assembly as well. I hope you had a wonderful time at World Book Day because I did!

A mining trip

Last week me and my class went to the mining museum, it was really fun.  We had an ex miner showing us around the museum.  It was so cool . After break we had another look around and that was even cooler. After that it was lunch and then we had to go back but we could always come back. 

Firework safety 🎆

Fireworks are very  pretty because the colours  are so nice and it’s very sad that they only happen once a year. Fireworks are so fantastic that l  wish they would never end but they are very dangerous and if you are at a bonfire you should never touch the fire and you should always keep your pet inside.