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Drumming 🥁🥁

P5/6/7 have been doing drumming and in drumming 🥁

We all think it is amazing 😂 we all have an extremely fun time.❤️

We learned a new game called opwa se me sa nana.  It is an African game.  We had to sing the song that goes “opwa se me as nana ”

We play taiko and there is this big blue drum 🥁 and it’s really really loud.


Internet Safety

Last week we started learning about Internet Safety. In this activity, we learned how to stay safe online on laptops, IPads, phones etc. We are currently doing a poster about staying safe online and I think Internet Safety is a pretty useful topic that people should learn about.


Working with P5/6/7

The P5’s in P3/4/5 have been working with P5/6/7 and have been doing some work with them on Monday and Tuesday the 15th and 16th of January.  We done ERIC with them for about 15 minutes then we moved on and did  posters about staying safe on the internet after we did PE.

Glow Coming Around!

Mr Thomson from Glow came to Bilston Primary earlier today to teach P2/3, P3/4/5 and P5/6/7.

Everyone in P2/3 had not used Glow before, and no one had even heard of it so the entire class got taught

The P5s in P3/4/5 had used Glow before with the P5/6/7s, and were meant to help the 3s and 4s, who had never used it before.

All of P5/6/7 did Glow before, and learnt some advanced tricks such as being able to change their nicknames to something else because they are doing a topic about Internet Safety.

On the whole they (probably) all enjoyed having Mr Thomson around and will nearly all will hopefully keep this blog updated.


The Ceilidh

                                                                      Recently, P3/4/5 have been learning Scottish dances and are planning to perform a Ceilidh sometime soon.

They had chatted about Scottish foods and drinks, and for homework this week, they are challenged on making a Scottish food.

They made a mind map about critical features of a Ceilidh, and it has been stuck onto the wall of Miss Easton’s room with another sheet of paper 📝 so that pupils can come by and add anything onto it.

We wish them very much luck and we will enjoy the end of the month when it comes.

P3/4/5 topic

P3/4/5 are learning about food to fork and what things come from plants and animals. We are doing an assembly on Wednesday 20th December.  We have been practicing for our assembly for about 3 weeks now. We are excited for tomorrow to do our assembly 😃. We made invitations to our assembly.  We are making bread and butter tomorrow on Wednesday 20th December

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P3/4 Go To Roslin Glen

On the 15th of January Primary 3s and 4s went to Roslin Glen They did a lot of fun bushcraft activities, such as making fires 🔥 and hot chocolate.   They put up tents and did not sleep at the Glen, because overnight trips aren’t really a thing in Primaries 3 and 4.

There were actually 2 trips to it, one in the morning for Primary 3s, and one in the afternoon for the 4s.

The Primary 5s of P3/4/5 will be going on a trip with the P5/6/7s later on in the year.

Thats all for now, 👋.