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Internet safety📱⌚️🚫

P5/6/7  have been learning internet safety👷🏻‍♀️📱and have learned that you do not put your personal information online!! And not to friend (add people) on Snapchat Instagram Facebook etc .    We we just want to make sure that people stay safe online




P7 camp

On the 19th of February Primary Sevens are going to Benmore Camp for a week.  We will have loads of fun and I know it will be good.

Internet Safety

Last week we started learning about Internet Safety. In this activity, we learned how to stay safe online on laptops, IPads, phones etc. We are currently doing a poster about staying safe online and I think Internet Safety is a pretty useful topic that people should learn about.


Glow Coming Around!

Mr Thomson from Glow came to Bilston Primary earlier today to teach P2/3, P3/4/5 and P5/6/7.

Everyone in P2/3 had not used Glow before, and no one had even heard of it so the entire class got taught

The P5s in P3/4/5 had used Glow before with the P5/6/7s, and were meant to help the 3s and 4s, who had never used it before.

All of P5/6/7 did Glow before, and learnt some advanced tricks such as being able to change their nicknames to something else because they are doing a topic about Internet Safety.

On the whole they (probably) all enjoyed having Mr Thomson around and will nearly all will hopefully keep this blog updated.



Primary 4 and 5 went swimming every Friday until last Friday, breaking up partially because of the holidays and also because of the cold weather. Swimming 🏊 for them consisted of regular skills such as freestyle swimming and the basic strokes. They really enjoyed it and can’t wait for next term.