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The PowerPuff Girls Reboot

The PowerPuff Girls first aired on 18 November 1998 where we were first introduced to Blossom Buttercup and Bubbles, three superpowered little girls who were made in a lab by accident by Professor Utonium. They spend their time protecting their beloved town Townsville from evil.

In 1998 the PowerPuff Girls made their first appearance on Cartoon Network where audiences fell in love. The animation style was adorable the characters were loveable the plots were enjoyable, so it came as shock when it ended in 2005 after 6 seasons.

However, this was not the end for the PowerPuff Girls because it was rebooted on 1st July 2006 as PowerPuff Girls Z. It was an anime style show this time instead. According to google users was actually liked even more than the original, with the 1998 version having 91% of Google users like it whethers PowerPuff Girls Z had a 94%. Although despite these ratings it still ended only 1 year later on 30th of June 2007.

Again on April 4th 2016 the PowerPuff Girls there was once again another reboot but this one was not nearly as well liked with only a 54% of Google users liking it, I believe however that the reason it was not as nearly well liked was because the plots and the characters seemed to have changed so that the show appealed to the younger generation. So, this resulted in lots of original fans outraged. Which ended up with the show ending on 16th of June 2019 with 2 seasons on its belt.

Although the PowerPuff Girls have had many Television shows they have had a number of video games on the platforms ranging from the Nintendo 64, GameCube, Gameboy to PlayStation even the Nintendo DS. The ratings were a bit of a mixed affair from 50% to 93% enjoying the range of early 2000 game releases.

So once again here we are with, yet another PowerPuff Girls reboot although this time the creators on Cartoon Network are taking an entirely different approach with a brand-new story line, even a new format. In this sure to be interesting reboot the girls will be 20something live action year old adults who have long stopped flying out to save Townsville. They resent having lost their childhood to fighting crime, but will they come together to save the world once more.

As you can see with the plot line that we are given the show is going to be something different and is sure to be refreshing compared to the past reboots.

However, we do not yet have a cast list or any idea how far along the team is in the creation of the show, so we should be expecting the show in the not present but yet not too far away future. Although not all the PowerPuff Girls reboots have been successes, Cartoon Network has been known to create memorable and fantastic shows such: as Ed Edd n’ Eddy, Regular Show, Johnny Bravo, Scooby-Doo, Adventure Time, Teen Titans and of course the Steven Universe saga. So, fans all over the world are holding their breath about this brand-new reboot and wonder if Cartoon Network will continue to create wonderful cartoons that have inspired generations of aspiring artists and animators.

Getting Creative

Inktober by Ellis McQuillan 

Inktober’ is an art challenge that take place in the month October. Throughout the month you are given a list provided by the Inktober company; some make their own list specific to their interests or they choose a theme like Halloween for example, as the challenge is held in October. For each day there is a word that is intended to strike your creative thought process. You’re encouraged to post your drawings on social media to get your work out there and get feedback. This can help you move even further on your creative journey.  

“Inktober is a challenge not a competition”


Any form of art is allowed: drawing, digital art, calligraphy, typography and lettering etc. The only restriction is to if possible, only use black- as if you are using ink!

It was created by Jake Parker in 2009, he wanted to give people the opportunity to improve their skills and mindset in art; to discover new up and coming artists; and grow an audience for your work by being tested by said challenge. The company reiterates that Inktober is a challenge not a competitionIt’s a challenge to see how much you can improve your art in a month.” 

Though October has already past, you can start anytime. You are the one in charge of the challenge. There is always a chance to participate, as there are various drawing challenges based on the same ideas as inktober or you can get ready for next year’s list to come out and start then. 

 For more information- 

This year’s prompt list

Schindler’s List Review

“Schindler’s List” is a historical drama film directed by Steven Spielberg. It was released to mass critical praise and is one of Spielberg’s most celebrated movies. I chose this film to review as it is a harrowing, yet immersive journey unlike many others before and after it. 

The film takes on the backdrop of the Jewish ghettos and concentration camps of Nazi Germany where many ethnic and religious enemies of the Nazi regime (Particularly Jews) suffer under constant, violent oppression. It is in these areas where we are introduced to Oskar Schindler, a businessman and member of the Nazi party. He befriends Itzhak Stern, a Jewish officer with many connections in the ghettos, and together they start a business making various items for the armed forces. Throughout the film we see Schindler develop as a character as we see his morals and views change. He initially hires Jewish workers because they’re cheap labour and cost a lot less than Poles or Germans. Schindler’s workforce is deemed “essential” which therefore saves them from the merciless slaughter of concentration camps. He has no moral obligation to help them initially and simply hires them for good business. Schindler even gets defensive when his factory is referred to as a “safe haven”. However, after seeing the relentless massacring of the Jews, he slowly begins to realise the true evils of the Nazis. 

As I previously mentioned the film is held in very high regard by critics and the general public alike, so it’s not surprising that the film does have a very broad appeal, especially to individuals interested in Modern history, especially World War II, the Nazi regime and the events of the holocaust. The distressing imagery and subject matter will almost definitely turn off some viewers and the film should by no means be watched by anyone too young, however this imagery is integral to the story, tone and overall message of the film and although the film would be much easier to watch without its more intense content, it would lose much of its emotional impact. 

“For if we ever forget the tragedies of the past, it’s safe to assume that we are doomed to repeat them.”

As a film, Schindler’s List exists to show us the horrors of oppression and the true extent of man’s inhumanity and cruelty to his fellow man in times of struggle and conflict. We see many barbaric examples of abuse and murder of men, women and even young children. However, as the film progresses it begins to push forward another, more uplifting, hopeful message, that even in the darkest of hours, and in the bleakest, darkest times, that there will always be good willed people in the world in places you wouldn’t expect. The message is obviously brought across from Oskar Schindler’s character development, as he slowly realises the cruelty of the Nazi’s andeventually, willingly saves millions of Jews from their fates at camps such as Dachau and Auschwitz 

Overall, Schindler’s List is a stunning yet difficult to watch movie. But more than that, it is a culturally important movie as well. The terrifying events of the holocaust should never be ones that are forgotten, and I believe this movie plays an important role in not only showing the disturbing level of barbarity in the events of the holocaust, but it also plays an important role in preserving history for future generations to come. For if we ever forget the tragedies of the past, it’s safe to assume that we are doomed to repeat them. 

“Playlist for the Dead” book Review

Our S1 Book critic Zara finds a book that hits all the right notes.


If you enjoy a romance with a hint of mystery then playlist for the dead is the book for you. One morning after a confusing party and a terrifying fight Sam wakes up to find his best friend Hayden dead, and all that is left is a playlist of songs and a suicide note. Now it’s up to Sam, with the help of a complicated and secretive girl to piece together the story of what really happened on the night of the party. With all of the evidence that he is given, he finds it hard to piece anything together and everything is a struggle – even trudging to school seems impossible and it doesn’t help that everyone is trying to be kind and making a fuss, feeling lonelier than ever, all Sam wants to know is why?

I really enjoyed playlist for the dead; I found the characters interesting and likeable, and the ones that were used helped to create an interesting, intriguing and exciting book – that made you want to keep on reading. Anyone who has ever felt lost or unsure of just what to do next, you will relate to Sam in a lot of ways. The plot had many twists and turns and eventually settled in a very satisfying manor.

I recommend playlist for the dead from ages 10+ because it has I slightly upsetting storyline but I think it has an important message. 4/5


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Captain Marvel

By Andrew Shaw

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) started roughly ten years ago with a controversial decision surrounding it, the casting of Robert Downey JR as the main character in their first film, Iron Man. The decision, to everyone’s surprise, paid off and Iron Man was a big hit. The hits kept coming, leading eventually to the film Black Panther.

Black Panther was a film set around a black superhero, the first black superhero in comics, directed and in part written by an African American director, Ryan Coogler. The film, as with most of Coogler’s films, was highly political, with a clear message about Black rights being present throughout the film. The film was highly successful, making over 1billion dollars worldwide coming in first, as of its opening week, as the highest grossing superhero film in America.

So where is this all leading to? To one of Marvel’s newest films, Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Stars Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, the main character of the film, and Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, a prominent character in previous Marvel films.

The plot centres around the character of Carol Danvers, who becomes one of the universes’ most powerful heroes after earth is caught in the crossfires of a galaxy wide war.

In an interview with my media teacher, Mr Murray, I asked if the choice to make a film with a female lead was due to the success of Black Panther. In response he said “Probably, and it is probably long overdue, not just in the MCU but in modern film making in general”.

I asked him if he thought that the political subtext of the film could cause a loss of financial profit for Marvel. He responded with “There were rumours that people were going to boycott the film; however, it does have the largest presales of tickets out of any of the MCU’s films”

Lastly, I asked what kind of impact a successful Captain Marvel would have on the MCU. He replied “There will probably be more opportunity of for a wider range of actors and characters. Up until Black Panther the main characters of Marvel films were largely strong white male characters, there wasn’t huge diversity”.

So, does Captain Marvel spell the end of the MCU? It looks highly unlikely that the film will be a failure – let alone the cinematic universe that is a part of.