Paul Murdoch, the author of Windscape has recorded the audio for each chapter, you can listen by visiting the chapter pages:

The rest of the chapters are listed below the introduction.

Set in the Western Isles, Windscape is an exciting children’s adventure that explores the dilemma between the usefulness of wind farms and the beautiful scenery they can sometimes destroy. Jenny MacLeod’s mother has died and her father is about to lose their farm after mounting debts. The only way for her and her father to keep their home, set on the beautiful Hushwish Bay, is to sign up to a wind turbine project. When protestors invade their beach and her father has a heart attack, the well-to-do Murdochs take Jenny under their wing. She soon finds out, however, that Mr Murdoch has been keeping letters back from her and her father. Letters that could have saved their home without the need to build the wind farms there in the first place. Will Jenny have time to save everything she loves?