Blended Learning

An Introduction to Blended Learning Paper

Effective Blended Learning – series part 2

Effective Remote & Digital Learning

Effective Remote & Digital Learning Paper

Effective Remote & Digital Learning Digital Brochure

Digital Technology Paper September 2020

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West Partnership Conference March 2019

About the West Partnership
Stephen Quinn shares demographics and statistics that describe the West Partnership.

About the West Partnership

Enhancing the work of the local authority
Mhairi Shaw shares the West Partnership’s vision to create a professional learning system for educators that enhances work of local authorities.

Enhancing the work of the Local Authority

Celebrating success
Examples of successful collaborations shared.

WP- Celebrating Success

An empowered secondary curriculum
This workshop looked at how we can build a secondary curriculum that meets the needs of learners, preparing them for learning, life and work and how the RIC can work together to support curricular design.

An empowered secondary curriculum

Using Data in the BGE
How we currently use data to support improvement in the BGE.

Using data in the BGE – final presentation

Supporting the mental health of children, young people and staff
Concept of mental health and how we can think differently about it and the key role that education plays in supporting children, young people and staff.

Supporting the Mental Health of Young People & staff

Play pedagogy
Key features of play pedagogy and how learning through play can transform learning and improve outcomes for children.

Play pedagogy

Play approaches- West Dunbartonshire

Parental engagement and family learning
Challenges of engaging hard to reach families, or hard to reach schools, and how they can be overcome.

Parental Eng and Family Learning

Collaborative learning networks
Research evidence presented which demonstrates positive impact of working collaboratively to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Overview of Collaborative Learning