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Of the six Regional Improvement Collaboratives, the West Partnership serves the greatest number of children with 34% of Scotland’s school population attending our schools. There are over 1000 nurseries, primary, secondary and special schools in the West Partnership, serving mainly urban but also many rural communities. As such, schools vary in size from some of the smallest in South Lanarkshire to some of the largest primary schools in East Renfrewshire and the largest secondary schools in Glasgow. This broad range as well as a fairly compact geography gives the West a high capacity for collaboration and learning. Our schools deliver education to a diverse group of learners; children and young people living with deep-seated poverty, from a wide range of ethnic groups and those with some of the highest levels of affluence. Five of the partners are involved in the Scottish Attainment Challenge (SAC), a sixth has Attainment Challenge schools and almost all schools in the region have an allocation of Pupil Equity Funding (PEF). We recognise that as a partnership we can make the greatest difference for many children, young people, families and communities and the teaching profession through working with our partners in Higher and Further Education. We also recognise that we can contribute hugely to the national agenda of achieving Excellence and Equity for all learners.