Food and Health TDT

Health and Wellbeing Experience’s and Outcomes-Food and Health

1st level:- I am discovering the different ways that advertising and the media can affect my choices. HWB 1-37a

2nd level:- I can understand how advertising and the media are used to influence consumers. HWB 2-17a

Lesson Plan

Learning Intention:- I am learning to investigate food and health ingredients and advertisements and how they can influence consumer’s choices.

Success Criteria:-

I can watch a food and health advertisement and identify how it makes me feel and how the characters look like they feel.

I can research a food or health product and detail its ingredients and nutritional value.

I can compare the nutritional/health facts surrounding the product and the message of the advertisement.


Begin the class with various types of advertising videos for different products. Talk about how the advertisements make us feel, how the actors/characters are portrayed to feel/look (e.g. happy, healthy, once depressed and now happy).


Allow children to research one item of food or ‘health’ product shown on advertisement. They can either make a presentation or poster. Think about:

  • Is it actually healthy?
  • Does it work?
  • What ingredients does it contain?
  • How many calories does it contain?
  • Daily allowance percentages?
  • Does it have any repercussions/side effects?
  • Is there any scientific evidence for this?
  • Is the above clear in the advertisement?


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