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I was a dancer throughout my school years and I completed the Higher dance course in 5th year. As I progressed into 6th year there was no more dance opportunities so I started up a dance after school club for all years of the school. I took it upon myself to choreograph 2 dances and then arranged for the dances to be shown at the end of the school at an expressive arts showcase.

This helped me going into the dance workshop last week , as I felt confident within myself however I still had a slight bit of nerves. I really enjoyed participating in the dance workshop as i learned a variety of ways to teach dance to children at an easy level and manage to still keep them intrigued. Eilidhs energy and enthusiasm was also great as it kept us keen and the atmosphere in the room was less awkward. We done numerous warm activities and stretches that would allow the children to come out of there comfort zone and have a bit of fun wether they were taking it serious or messing about. It allowed us to relax and just have an easy start to the lesson.

We then moved onto travelling techniques , we had a pair so that we didn’t feel on the spot or to embarrassed to complete the task. We had to travel from 1 side of the room to the other doing a variety of moves. We then had to observe the other groups and choose some of there moves , this would be key for children as they would all feel that there was important because someone else wants to try it. To finish up the class we had to get into a group with another pair and link all our moves together , we had to perform this to the rest of the class , but this was made easy as there was 4 of us and everyone in the class was in the same boat.

Leaving the class I now feel that all the little tips and tricks we learned I could put into a lesson and comfortably teach a dance lesson in a primary school.  I would still feel a little nervous but if I planned my lesson correctly and was well prepared then I feel I could pull it off. 

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