Maths Inputs

Without sounding too much like a geek – maths is my favourite subject. I love maths! It’s comes no surprise that I was definitely looking forward to the maths workshops that Tara was delivering. I studied maths at higher level and really enjoyed it. I think maths was my favourite subject at high school because I had a really good and positive relationship with my teacher. Even though I enjoyed maths I was worried about how I was going to teach maths in the classroom as I convinced myself that I could not teach it. The workshops proved me wrong. Tara provided us all with different exercises, activities and valuable tools that will guide and help us to deliver a successful maths lesson.

Learning about primary mathematics brought back memories of my time spent learning maths in both primary and secondary school. Tara’s workshops are full of content, activities and fun. I look forward to the rest of Tara’s workshops and also look forward to teaching maths in the primary school.

Drama Inputs

I had always been interested in drama but I was never confident enough to have pursued it as a subject in high school. Therefore the only background I had of drama was being involved in my high schools rendition of The Addams Family when I was in forth year. My interest for drama only seemed to strengthen after the show had finished. Performing the show on stage in front of a large audience four nights in a row was amazing.

Even though I have little experience of drama I was still excited for Nikki’s workshops. Both workshops gave me lots of different ways in which I can deliver a drama lesson confidently when I am teaching. The drama workshops pushed me slightly out of my comfort zone as times I felt uncomfortable but I shortly realised everyone else felt the same. Overall Nikki’s drama content made the workshops very enjoyable and because of this I walked out feeling more confident about teaching the subject.

Dance Input

I have never had any experience of dance growing up or in school. As a result of the lack of experience I automatically decided that I didn’t like dance. Therefore going into the dance input openminded was always going to be a struggle. My dislike for dance growing up made it difficult for me to fully engage with the activities as I felt uncomfortable. However the dance input opened my eyes to new ways in which I could deliver a successful dance lessons to pupils which can allow me to increase inclusion within my classroom. Dance lessons can be a way for me as a teacher to continue to promote the importance of keeping fit, the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to build confidence.

Leaving the dance input has definitely made me more confident in teaching dance however the dance input has not had the greatest effect on my opinion as I still feel I don’t like dance. This is something I am currently working on to change.

Why I Teach…

I teach because it gives me the chance to help develop a pupils education. It allows me to be a part of their learning experience and make new memories. Becoming a teacher means that I get to prepare fun and creative lessons, which will hopefully open the pupils eyes into different pathways as they start to discover their true passions in life. Teaching is a tremendously rewarding job and will, hopefully, help me build upon one of my downfalls which is confidence. Progressing into the next four years means that I get to learn and practice what I am passionate about and apply that to a teaching environment. I will be able to showcase my skills and abilities and make both my time and the pupils time more enjoyable.