Dancing My Heart Out

When I first discovered that we would be doing dance, I naturally went into panic mode. This was purely because when I thought of dance I expected Scottish Country dancing, and as I did not go into school in Scotland I was certain I’d have no idea what to do. Thankfully, to my relief, it was not like this at all.

The dance class I had focused on how to move about in a creative manner – this could be anything from walking, skipping or ‘flossing’ across the floor. There were reservations and some initial shyness when we began but after about ten minutes I relaxed into it and even began to enjoy myself.

As well as the main part of the lesson, Eilidh taught us fun and effective ways to get the children warmed up and ready for the class ahead. Throughout the lesson Eilidh also encouraged us to get hyped and as silly as possibly and made the lesson very enjoyable, but also managed to keep control of the class as a whole.

From this class I will look into ways that I, myself can make a lesson fun and energetic for the class as well as ensuring they don’t become unruly and out of control. I do feel that in the future when teaching an energetic class like this, that it is important that I choose the right time of day to do it and not, for example, straight after lunch when the children are all full and sluggish and a definite vomit risk!

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