Stigma of mathematics

Maths. Some people love it and others not so much. However I had never stopped to consider why until the recent mathematics inputs with Tara Harper where she did a few exercises to help us see the myths and stereotypes surrounding the subject. In one of these examples we were asked to draw a line and after we had all done so Tara stated that she found it interesting that we had all drawn straight lines. Had this been a different class such as art she believed we would have all been more creative however since this was maths no one did so. Although I did not necessarily agree with this, I did understand the point that she made. Many people do view mathematics as a duller subject and one which caused worry due to the “right or wrong” aspect to it, however it is actually more important and useful than we often realize.

Mathematics involves problem solving, something that each of us does every single day, normally without even realizing. Furthermore maths is a universal language which everyone in the world can understand and use to communicate. After receiving these inputs I now understand that mathematics is more useful than most of us believe and this is something I intend to teach my future pupils.

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