Pedagogical Studies – Restorative Approach

A restorative approach is focused around building strong positive relationships, in order to fix any problems or issues that arise within the classroom. Through this approach pupils can each have their say and feel like they are being heard, this can be achieved via questioning. This approach is about fixing the problem first rather than assigning blame and handing our punishments to those in the wrong. It helps to build a positive environment where everyone feels like they are being heard and not being judged, this is achieved by open discussions which also help to resolve problems quickly and effectively. The restorative approach allows everyone to take responsibility for their actions and have a fair outcome for all. This approach focuses on values, skills and processes which help to structure it within schools. It’s through having shared values (positive regard, accountability, reparation, etc), developing associated skills (questioning, active listening, body language, etc) and effective processes (questioning, listening, calming time, etc) in place that allow a restorative approach to be successful.

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