Monthly Archives: September 2016

Why teaching?

I originally had the idea that I wanted to be involved in teaching after my first work experience in my third year of high school. My placement was in a nursery but I was fascinated how over the space of a few weeks children can develop their understanding of different topics as well as widen their vocabulary and further develop their social skills. I was able to be part of meeting in which the practitioners planned activities and the possible outcomes and it opened my eyes to the world of learning through play and planning around the child.

It was however my second placement within a school working with a Primary two class that cemented my decision I wanted to be a teacher. I was able to observe the curriculum being used in many ways by the teacher in order to ensure that each child developed their understanding of the topic that was being focused on.

Thinking back to my own teachers at primary school I do feel that some of the activities that were organised; including school trips, debates, talks, group work and plays  all helped me to become a more confident and sociable person whilst still developing my knowledge of different subjects. This has inspired me to also be able to develop my own methods of teaching in the future and pursue my career and gain more knowledge and understanding of children and teaching through this course.