First few weeks at UWS

Before starting this course the subject which I was most concerned about was Maths…I never thought the day would come when I was more confident in a Maths class than an English class. However after punctuation and grammar week last week in literacy for understanding I now feel that way.

It is tough going back to basics and realising the gaps in your own knowledge however on reflection I know more now than I did at the start of the class, I am not the only one who found this class challenging and I can now build upon this in order to one day be both competent and confident in my own abilities when teaching this to children (So they don’t one day go through this same feeling!). Moving on from that class I now question every over-used apostrophe, comma and semicolon and whether I really need them in my sentence!

I am finding all of the classes interesting however I am especially enjoying maths and situated communication as for me so far the both have the most link to practice. I find it extremely interesting learning about how we will one day teach these same concepts to our own class. All the teachers also clearly have a love for the subject they are teaching, especially the workshops in Performance Studio three. Reflecting on what we have been learning in Situated Communication students pick up on your attitude and the fun and love for the subject in that workshop really is infectious. I hope one day to be able to bring the same level of enthusiasm and love for learning to classes of children with ‘enthusiasm and motivation or learning’ (Scottish Government, 2009).


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