Introduction to the IB programme

IB is based on a learning community aiming to help remove the boundaries which separate languages, countries and cultures, allowing people to work together and communicate more freely. Their 10 core values reflect these aims of developing an intercultural understanding and respect amongst each individual part of the IB programme.

The aims of the IB curriculum align with the main aims of Curriculum for Excellence. CfE also strives to help young people build the knowledge, skills and attributes needed for modern life. These skills are to help in their learning, life and work situations. This shows the connection to the IB aims as CfE also encourages breaking the barriers between different communities or cultures by teaching young people the skills and benefits on working collaboratively with others.

My time in education I have experienced the lessons about learning the importance of accepting and respecting one another by encouraging us as pupils to work together with individuals we may not have chosen in the first place.

Years later this value of acceptance has been continued even more so in my teaching today. Aiming to build a better understanding for respecting each other and learning about those of different backgrounds and cultures was a topic I saw often at my time on placement. This in many ways is a form of breaking down those barriers that the IB Curriculum aim to achieve as well.

IB strive for their young people to be curious learners who are keen to explore and ask questions, as well as communicators, not only in the number of languages they can speak but also being a confident individual and effective listener. As well as being fair, honest and responsible individuals, IB also hope their young people to be open minded and reflective individuals , focused on the well being of others as well as themselves. These link with the CfE four capacities of helping their young people to become Successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

IB’s aims are not the only area that aligns with CfE Curriculum but also its focus for the successful teaching of their programme. IB hopes for their programme to be engaging, challenging as well as significant and relative; helping to make connections with other areas. These focuses in creating a successful learning environment are also reflected in the Curriculum for Excellence programme/ Curriculum.



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