Situated Communication Outdoor Task (24/09/18)

Group and leadership

I think I took on the role of ‘group leader’ although not appointed because I said that I had previously done a similar challenge on numerous occasions within my guide unit and so I had a rough idea of what we could do to complete the task. However, I think we worked cohesively as a group and everyone was able to add their input and everyone had their own role in the creation of our den. I didn’t say I was group leader but it came about through my actions as it was myself who suggested where we started to make our den and the materials to use where, which everyone agreed on. It is my belief that me taking on this leadership role did not exclude anyone, as everyone had their own tasks and I always asked how others felt about things that I suggested – I am hoping my team members would feel the same way.  I did not find anything challenging about working in this group other than the environmental factors which we overcame because everyone got on well and wanted to complete the task as best as we could.


I think the group explaining to us did very well, they were very clear about why their den looked how it did and the main aims they wanted to achieve. One girl started the explaining but everyone else added in new information to give us a rounded explanation of their den. I do not think the group missed out any of the 5P’S and explained all of them to us very clearly.


The impact of the environment on my communication was that I had to talk a little louder to ensure my team members were hearing and understanding what I was saying. I had to ask for team members to repeat themselves, more so than I would in a classroom setting. I spoke louder than I would in a classroom setting and clarified my points if my team members were confused or unsure. For me, it wasn’t too challenging, as I have a loud voice and as already mentioned I have carried out this task numerous times at guides and so I knew how to communicate in this kind of setting. There were numerous distractions such as hearing other groups, the leaves falling and of course the local dogs who came for a visit (which I thouroughly enjoyed and which made the outdoor activity even more exciting.)

  • When listening, did the environment distract you? How can we overcome this?
  • Negotiation
    • Were your negotiations successful?  Why/Why not?
    • What was most challenging about these?


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