Ready for University??

Throughout my childhood, I always loved school and was always eager to get back after holidays. Whilst, there may have been times that were difficult and challenging, overall, it was fun filled, enjoyable and a positive experience. Unfortunately many others did not share my love and passion for school. From an early age I knew that I wanted to work with people and teaching seemed like the right career path for myself, having grown up with my mum as a teacher, I used to help her set up in the summer for year ahead and at a young age would pretend I was teaching a class and would write on the board and use the smart board. It became clear that it was my passion to become a primary school teacher and so throughout my high school years I helped out at a local primary school, taught dancing and was a young leader at both rainbows and guides.

However, when it came round to applying fo university I was understandably apprehensive, with so many questions whizzing around my head – What if I am rejected? What if I don’t meet my conditions? Will I be accepted? Will I make friends? and so many more. As time passed I enjoyed every moment in my final year at school. One of my teachers asked if we were ready to leave and I said “No because I felt like I couldn’t handle the change and would much rather stay at school another year where I understand everything and have a routine etc.”

Yet, that first day at University was anything but nerve-racking, I made friends on the train and we stuck together, everyone was so welcoming students and staff alike, and it became apparent that this was going to be an amazing experience in my journey to become a teacher.

I was beyond nervous about the prospect of starting at UWS, yet now that I have started it feels right, I cannot imagine being anywhere else other than here. I must say I am so glad I have a place at UWS because I feel like part of a community and feel like everyone is there for you and encouraging you to be the best you can be.

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