First placement in October 2018

Coming up to my first school placement in October I am looking forward to be able to gain even more insight into what being a teacher will be like. I am hoping that from this placement I will be able to identify my current strengths in a classroom environment but also be able to identify any weaknesses that I have so that I can work on them before going on placement in second year. I am excited to find out what school I will be going to and finding out who I will be going on placement with, but I am also nervous as we don’t find out where we are going until the week before placement starts. I am interested to see the different teaching styles that the teacher I work with will use and also how they control the class and effectively deal with each individual students needs within the classroom as there are many. Overall, I am eager to go on placement and am excited to learn lots more about working within a classroom environment but also helping and communicating effectively with all of the pupils within the classroom and their class teacher.