Communication In Other Environments – Reflective Questions

Group and Leadership

  • There was not one specific leader in our group, once our group had been formed we all just worked at equal levels together and shared our ideas with each other.
  • We all just fell into place and it wasn’t exactly chosen its just how it worked out and it worked well as we all got on and new we could contribute any ideas we wanted to share with the group.
  • Some members of the group stood out more than others taking control, leading the group and taking on any ideas that team members suggested but it was a fairly equal leadership from our group as we were all confident enough to communicate with each other and share our ideas.
  • As a result of nobody in our group taking full control everyone in the group felt  comfortable to work with each other and thus nobody in the group felt like they were being left out or not included.
  • The most challenging thing for me working in this group was at first not knowing everyone I was working with but it didn’t take long for us all to get to know each other and get on with the task.


  • We all knew what the task was so nobody had to explain what was going on as we had been told  before the task had been started so therefore we all knew what was going on.
  • It was a mutual agreement that we knew what the task involved and we all fell into our roles of what we needed to do to complete the task quite naturally.
  • The first stage of the five p’s may have been missed out as we just went straight onto planning and preparation instead of preassessing what we were going to do.


  • The impact of the environment on our communication made it better as we were all moving about so anytime anyone had an idea to propose they made it clear to the whole group so that everyone could hear and decide where best to use the idea.
  • As we were outside we had to make sure everyone was in the vicinity when talking as a group as in a classroom setting everyone is in the one room whereas outside we were all wandering and collecting materials which sometimes made it harder to communicate with each other which is why we all had to be clear in what we were saying to each other.
  • It wasn’t too challenging as the area we were in was relatively quiet apart from a river. The communication that was made made sure that the person speaking projected their voice enough and ensured that all the team members were listening and that their attention was solely focused on the person that was addressing the group.
  • Yes, the environment did distract me as we aren’t used to working outside so things would catch our eye and distract us easily as we wanted to see what was going on. We an overcome this by listening and communicating with each other all the time so that we don’t get distracted by things in the environment.


  • Our negotiations were successful to some extent as we did get a helper from the other group like we were supposed to but they were reluctant to come and help us because they felt as if they were betraying their team by helping ours. It was challenging as we lost a member of our team so we lost some ideas as the member of the other team didn’t want to contribute their ideas to help our group although they did help us with the task that we had to complete.

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